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Getting around
Ponza Island

Although the circulation of non-residents' cars is forbidden in the summer months in Ponza, getting around Ponza is still very easy.
Those who drive to the ports of embarkation will have to leave the car in one of the many guarded car parks available to travelers.
Ponza Island is flanked by a main road that creates a splendid panoramic route from the port up to the northernmost part of the island. Getting around Ponza is easy thanks to the public minibus service, and you can even rent a scooter or a small car to enjoy the most evocative views.
In Ponza there are two main inhabited areas: the Ponza citadel in the south and Le Forna in the north of the island.
Some of the most characteristic architectural features include the white houses as well as the North African style dammuso houses with their domes scattered almost everywhere.

Where we are

Hotel Torre dei Borboni is located in an exclusive position, on a promontory overlooking the sea, just a three minute walk from the port and very close to the most important tourist attractions of the island.