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What to do in Ponza

Holidays on Ponza Island never disappoint because there are so many activities that can be done on the island.
Hotel Torre Dei Borbonii is just a three-minute walk from the port and is very close to the most important tourist attractions of Ponza.
Whether it is a relaxing stay, a diving course, or an event, our team will be at your disposal to make your stay unforgettable and let you appreciate Ponza in all its beauty.
So if you are looking for what to do in Ponza, ask our staff. It is our pleasure to answer any of the questions you might have.

Ponza Diving

Diving in Ponza is a very popular activity that attracts numerous scuba divers every year. There many diving spots in Ponza and its crystal clear waters will take your breath away. Thanks to the professionalism of the Diving Center in Ponza you can take diving courses, acquire diving licenses or simply enjoy magical dives in the Ponza sea.



The Best Beaches in Ponza

Ponza Island offers to all those who are looking for relaxation and a pristine sea, enchanting beaches with unique beauty such as the spectacular Caletta delle Piscine Naturali or the most famous Frontone Beach. Some of the most beautiful beaches of Ponza are walking distance and some are just a pleasant boat ride away.


Ponza Boat Tours

The boat excursions in Ponza offer the opportunity to visit incredible sea caves and go to the best beaches of Ponza with a beautiful ride on the sea. Hotel Torre dei Borboni organizes boat tours of the island, so our guests can have a taste of the most evocative and unique coastal areas.



History and Archeology

Ponza Island has a very rich history whose origins trace back to Greek antiquity and still has numerous archaeological sites worth visiting. Hotel Torre dei Borboni is directly next to the Bagni di Pilato, the ancient basins built in the 1st century a.c. by the Romans for breeding moray eels.


Visit Ponza Island

Hotel Torre dei Borboni is located in a strategic position close to the main tourist attractions of the island. Our staff is available for any of your requests, such as organizing a trip to an island winery, suggesting itineraries and walks for your relaxation or providing the best directions for shopping on the island.



Nightlife in Ponza

The nightlife in Ponza comes alive especially during spring and summer, when the center and the port of Ponza become places full of life, with various events, festivals and parties. Do not hesitate to ask our staff for an updated calendar of seasonal events


Where we are

Hotel Torre dei Borboni is located in an exclusive position, on a promontory overlooking the sea, just a three minute walk from the port and very close to the most important tourist attractions of the island.